Engineering cell-cell interactions in cancer

We employ a quantitative approach that integrates microfluidics, systems biology modeling, and in vivo experiments to investigate the role of the tumor microenvironment on breast and ovarian cancer growth, metastasis and drug resistance.


The lab is growing and there are openings at the student, postdoc and research assistant levels. Our lab offers the opportunity to work at the forefront of cancer bioengineering, learn cutting edge techniques and collaborate with an interdisciplinary group of scientists and clinicians in the Cancer Center.

Video of invading breast carcinoma cells in a 3D microfluidic device (Zervantonakis et al)


December 2021:         Dorota presents a poster at the Association of Cell Biology Conference.

November 2021:         Rosy's paper is accepted at Molecular Cancer Research! Congrats!

                                 Yannis presents at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Department of Immunology and

                                 Immunoengineering seminar series.

                                Labsgiving party!

October 2021:           Multiple poster presentations from our lab to the Great Lakes Breast Cancer Conference.


                                Yannis presents at BMES 2021.

September 2021:        Yannis presents at the Department of Bioengineering, Rutgers University seminar series.

August 2021:            Congratulations Alexis Scott on starting as a PhD student in UPenn, Cancer Biology.

June 2021:               Our lab receives a pilot grant award from MWRI on ovarian cancer.

May 2021:               Our lab welcomes undergraduate students Sydney and Sarai (BioE) who will be working in

                              the lab this Spring. Welcome Sydney and Sarai!


April 2021:              Congratulations to Jacob on being invited to present at the ACC meeting of the Minds.

March 2021:             Alexis, Dorota, Matt and Rosy presented posters in the NEBEC Conference. 

February 2021:          Our lab receives a pilot grant award from MWRI on breast cancer

January 2021:          Alexis presented poster in the AACR Tumor Microenvironment Conference. 

December 2020:       Our lab welcomes undergraduate students Bidhya (Chemistry), Lia (MechE) and Tuo

                              (MechE) who will be working in the lab this Spring. Welcome, Bidhya, Lia and Tuo!

November 2020:      Matt presented a poster at the Systems Approaches of Cancer Biology meeting

October 2020:          Our lab is awarded a 1-year collaborative grant with U Mass and OHSU on monitoring

                              immune cell infiltration in breast cancer

October 2020:          Yannis presented a seminar at Temple University, Department of Bioengineering and

                               Binghampton Univeristy, Departtment of Bioengineering

October 2020:          LSM700 confocal installed!

September 2020:      Dorota, Jacob and Ashlinn present posters at BMES 2020 virtual meeting and Dorota

                               presents at the CMU Bioengineering meeting


September 2020:      Congratulations to Dorota for receiving the BiRM T32 and Matt for receiving the CATER                                     T32! 

August 2020:           Our lab welcomes Don as the new Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab. Welcome Don!

June, 25th 2020:      Congratulations to Dorota and Matt for passing their preliminary exams!

June, 23rd 2020:      Our lab welcomes two high school students: Tibo and Jonathan who will be working over                                the summer. Welcome Tibo and Jonothan!


June, 16th 2020:      Yannis is selected as a 2020 Hillman Early-Career Fellow for Innovative Cancer Research

June, 16th 2020:      Our lab is awarded a 1-year grant from Elsa Pardee Foundation to model metastatic                                        ovarian cancer microenvironment.

June, 1st 2020:        Our lab welcomes Rosy to the Bioengineering PhD program. Welcome Rosy!

May, 20th 2020:       Our lab welcomes Jacob and Ashlinn, BioE undergraduate students who will be working

                              remotely this summer. Welcome Jacob and Ashlinn!

Mar, 1st 2020:          New Nikon Ti-2E widefield live cell microscope installed: Microfluidic time-lapse imaging 

Feb, 01 & 21 2020:   Our lab presents posters at the 2020 ISB/BioE Recruitment events

Jan, 15th 2020:        New BioTek Imager Installed: Lots of time-lapse data to come!

Jan, 10th 2020:        Lia joins the lab as ChemE undergraduate student. Welcome Lia!

Nov, 10 2019:          Nick joins the lab as Engineering freshman. Welcome Nick!

October, 17 2019:    Our lab attends and presents at the 2019 BMES meeting in Philadelphia, PA

Sept, 30 2019:         Dammy joins the lab as BioE undergraduate student. Welcome Dammy!

August, 26 2019:     Dorota and Matt join the lab as Bioengineering PhD students. Welcome Dorota and Matt!  

August, 19 2019:     Alexis joins the lab as a research technician. Welcome Alexis!

May, 5 2019:           Yannis presented at the Great Lakes Breast Cancer Research Symposium in Columbus, OH

February, 14 2019:   Yannis presented at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Basic and Translational Research

                              Seminar Series in Pittsburgh, PA

November, 4 2018:   Yannis attended and presented at the 2018 Systems Approaches to Cancer Systems                                        Biology meeting in Woods Hole, MA