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June, 24 2020:     Lab Zoom trivia night













December, 19 2019:     First Holiday party with the Women's Cancer Research Center group at Magee





October, 29 2019:        Lab drinks in Squirrel Hill



October, 16 2019:        Presentation at the 2019 BMES meeting

August, 27 2019:         First group lunch and group picture!

August, 26 2019:         Dorota Jazwinska and Matt Poskus join the lab as Bioengineering PhD students. Welcome                                       Dorota and Matt!

August, 19 2019:         Alexis Scott joins the lab as a research technician. Welcome Alexis!

May, 5 2019:               Yannis presented at the Great Lakes Breast Cancer Research Symposium in Columbus, OH

February, 14 2019:       Yannis presented at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Basic and Translational Research

                                  Seminar Series in Pittsburgh, PA

November, 4 2018:       Yannis attended and presented at the 2018 Systems Approaches to Cancer Systems Biology

                                 meeting in Woods Hole, MA

October, 12 2018:        Yannis attended and presented at the 2018 BMES meeting in Atlanta, GA

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